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Our practical experience


Straw Bale homes - the first two in the Far North


Post and beam

Mud brick (adobe)


Cordwood (stackwall)

Gum poles

Naturally resistant timbers

Soft plasters

Earth roofs

Earth bermed building construction

Richard Smart

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Experience in South Africa, USA and New Zealand. New Zealand Carpentry trade certificate.
Own home built near Opua in a French farmhouse style in soft plastered concrete block.
Recent years have included a number of Heyferg 038.jpg (50287 bytes) building and other environmentally considerate projects with Friedrick Hundertwasser including his own dwellings near Kawakawa and lately was the consultant to the FNDC for Hundertwasser in the construction of the internationally recognized Kawakawa public toilets.
Co-designed and drew plans for and gave technical and building advice on the Far North’s first straw bale house.
Committed to creating buildings which reflect beauty, are interesting and harmonize with their inhabitants and the environment, using simple non toxic materials and techniques where possible.

Kim Taylor

Retired lawyer. Did the research work, co-designed and obtained BRANZ approval for the specifications for the Far North’s first straw bale house with an earth roof which is now his home.
Committed to raising awareness of the advantages of forms and methods of construction different from those usually offered and assisting those who choose the road less travelled.

Richard Smart P O Box 102 Kawakawa Phone 09-4041814 Email richardsmart@appropriatebuildingdesign.com

Kim Taylor P O Box 695 Kerikeri Phone 09-4076867 kimtaylor@appropriatebuildingdesign.com